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About us

The Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation founded on the principle of voluntary association. It was established by the Croatian municipalities with the purpose to promote and protect their common interests. The Association has been established on June 19 2002 in Zagreb, based on the Law on Associations and Law on Local and Regional Self-Government which allows the local government units to establish associations in order to promote and achieve their common goals and interest (Article 12, Section 2). Organisational forerunner of the today's Association was Municipal Assembly which acted as a temporary sub-unit of the former Association of Towns and Municipalities of the Republic of Croatia between 1993 and 2000. However, true origins of the Association as we know it today date back to 1975 when Union of Towns of Socialist Republic of Croatia was transformed into Association of Towns and Municipalities of the Republic of Croatia.
In 2018 Association of Municipalities counts 305 municipalities from across all 20 counties.

The Association performs various tasks pertaining to its core founding principles and goals. Among others, key activities of the Association include:
- promotion of cooperation and sharing of experiences between Croatian municipalities,
- promotion of special features in economic, cultural and other spheres of municipal life,
- legal review of legislation relevant for local self-government,
- facilitation of professional training for local officials and employees,
- organisation of thematic conferences and meetings relevant to municipalities and their interests,
- advocacy of municipal interests in front of central government bodies and other institutions,
- assisting members to establish cooperation with municipalities outside od Croatia,
- cooperation with like organisations at home as well as abroad, as well as with organisations which mandates contribute to key goals and principles of the Association,
- regular information sharing with its members and
- various publishing and printing activities.

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